giovedì 17 novembre 2016

Jolla Sailfish C Bumper & Intex Aquafish


Jolla Sailfish bumper C and Intex Aquafish bumper are the best solutions we have designed for your device since they are unique in their own genre.
We are the only one manufacturer providing this particular kind of protection covering all the possible accidents that might occur.

To save you smartphone from accidental loss we have tried to build a bumper able to protect the device in every of its most delicate parts such as the front display with a small
frame surrounding it.

All the corners are protected and well rounded so to have a very precise double purpose : protect the device itself and provide a better grip as well. The rear side protects the the original cover leaving a suitable space out for the camera and for the jolla sailfish logo as well.

All the main physical buttons of your device
(volume, power and so on), the headphone jack, the microUSB port and the speaker will remain always functional and full accessible as well.


The product has been entirely built with elastic and washable material, even if you squeeze like a tea bag it will return back to its original shape.

We originally thought about using ELASTO PLASTIC as main material for our bumpers but we also soon got aware that other from being very expensive it is also avaiable in just one awful color.

For this very reason we decided to opt for an elastic PLA with peculiar features having just a little more expensive cost compared to the plain PLA but for
sure not reaching the raw price of ELASTO PLASTIC other than the fact that it is available in a lot of different colors.

Please take a look at our gallery and the video showing his full functionalities.

For information and pre-order please contact me.

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